A change in mindset 

Hi I’m Nicole, The founder of Revived Lotus 

Revived Lotus was created from my journey in becoming the better version of myself through food.

After witnessing a close loved one suffer from a life-changing food-induced illness and the emotional effects it carried on family and friends. It was a real eye-opener to my own health and the food that I was consuming. 

It became the driving force to make an empowering change in my life. 


My journey was documented on Social Media which kept me accountable and served as a resource for motivation. However, what I didn't know is that others were also finding my content beneficial. It still holds a special place when I'm told that I've encouraged someone to make a positive change in their lives and families.

Whether it's re-creating a recipe, attending an event, drinking their daily water intake using the REVIVE Bottle

The positive mental, physical and financial freedom of plant-based eating has empowered me and through my experience, research and studies (level 2 certificate in nutrition) I wanted to further share my knowledge to help others experience these positive changes for themselves. 

When I started my journey the resources, guidance and options were very limited.

Fast forward a few years and there is an abundance of information, possibly too much and it can be quite tricky trying to navigate through it all.  Revived Lotus serves as a platform providing a relatable straightforward guide and resources to make informed decisions and have an awareness when it comes to the food you eat.  

We look forward to being a part of your journey and please do get in touch for a chat on how we can help on a more bespoke level.

Nicole x  

Founder & Coach



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