Eating for health through wholesome foods 



A healthy weight and fitness goals can be supported through plant-based foods. 


How to Lose weight?

Use up more energy than you are eating to help you lose the excess fat. A great way to do this is by adding Cardio activities such as HiTT, Spin, Running. While ensuring that you are eating the appropriate healthy foods such as a smoothie packed with chia, spinach, plant milk, and banana.


Want to add Muscle Mass?

While or after you lose excess fat healthily you can begin to build muscle by incorporating weight training and eating foods that support muscle growth without compromising nutritional components, like Quinoa which contains of all the amino acids which are the building blocks to make a complete protein.


How do I sculpt my body?

Sculpting your body is a process which can be achieved through guided weight training and exercise program with added nutrition. Seek out a trainer who has wholefood nutrition at the forefront


Life choices don't need to be a restriction


I’m going to die anyway.

This is very true as that is a natural part of life. But while you are alive wouldn’t you want to feel that way? You can prevent ailments from occurring in your lifestyle, leaving you free to live a vibrant life full of energy with loved ones. It’s for everyone young to old.


I can’t be Vegan!

You can still enjoy the benefits of plant-based eating without the labels due to its flexibility and you won’t be sacrificing ‘enjoyment’. Of course, the more whole foods that you eat while reducing/eliminating the C.R.A.P will be of more benefit to you, the environment and those around you. This is YOUR journey and the transitional pace is up to you.  


It’s hard socially

Standing up for what you are passionate about will always be a challenge but choosing this option to do what feels better for your health and the environment will give you the strength to stand tall.

Bonus your meal will probably be the cheaper especially when it comes to splitting the bill!


Why not try


  • Give Meatless Mondays a dedicated day to Plants! A lot easier than you think. Inspo here

  • Replace common foods like refined white Rice with Quinoa, Bulgur Wheat, Freekeh.

  • Substitute plant-milks in hot drinks. Have you tried our Hot Cacao?

  • Take the lead and suggest places to eat that offer tasty plant-based options for you to choose. Use resources such as for places near you.

  • Most places have their menu online so have a peek before you go to explore the menu.

  • You have to be a bit creative sometimes if options appear limited Mix and Match sides and starters instead of ordering a main. Most places are accommodating in holding back the mayo!

Understanding that healthy eating is a positive step toward becoming the best version of you.

By pro-actively making the choice to eat plant-based you have decided to put your health at the forefront.


As whole food plants is a wholesome way of eating  you will feel more satiated


I don’t have time to cook

In the western world, we live in a society of convenience where everything is at the touch of our fingertips. But as the convenience goes up the quality and nutrients go down. Consumers are left to face with having to literally pay to be healthy. Meal planning and meal prepping can help


Eating healthy is expensive!

With health at the forefront it pays to remember that with plant-based, you will be getting vitality, curative properties, and disease prevention. Wouldn’t you rather pay more for quality food which your body can utilize, than with your time for illness and healthcare?

Meal planning

  • See what you have left over in your cupboards and fridge.

  • Inspiration recipes on how to use. Extra carrots? Add ginger and Juice

  • Make enough to avoid excess


Meal prep

  • Because of its freshness plants last a short time so it’s a good idea to portion out and freeze

  • Saves time when you are limited to get a wholesome meal

  • Saves money less likely to eat not so good food when you have your delicious meal to hand


Buy Reduce items

  • Stores and greengrocers mark down bruised or overripe fruit and veg perfect for blended recipes Soups, Smoothies, Pancakes!

  • Freeze fruit & vegetables it’s possible


Shop in advance

  • Make a note of what you already have in your cupboards, fridge, and freezer

  • Check out on what is on offer at your local stores online or through leaflets

  • Helps avoid meal planning on the spot


Shop in season

Strawberries in November may be costlier to its summer season

For better tasting produce top chefs agree that seasonal produce is best


Better value

Eat seasonably research has shown that a basket of fruit and veg bought in the summer can be as much as a third cheaper than the same basket bought out of season


Better for the planet

Growing in season requires lower levels of artificial inputs than at other times of the year


For more info see


Changing the way you eat will have positive changes for you and the environment


I feel healthy without eating plants

Plant-based allows you to BE healthier and when chosen even the smallest change can have the biggest impact on our health and environment. At present practices in animal agriculture and packaging of foods are taking its toll on our beautiful earth.


Some links to things you can do today from :


  • Support environmentally friendly farming by buying organic produce – Soil Association

  • Cut down your meat intake: livestock farming is one of the most significant causes of climate change – Eating Better

  • revive Give Me TapAvoid bottled water and instead, enjoy it from the tap – bottle

  • Waste less of the food you buy – Love Food Hate Waste

  • Compost your food waste – Recyclenow

  • Avoid products with unnecessary packaging and recycle it where possible – Recyclenow 


Be Kind to you

I can’t

The way you eat can affect the way you feel. Food shouldn’t be detrimental to your health 

Break those habitual cycles to think and feel different about yourself. You can accomplish this for yourself and those around.


I’ve done it before and it didn’t work

Time for a new outlook Plant-based is a lifestyle by incorporating more of the foods that promote health long term your results and benefits will have more longevity. If you keep trying and look at the positive that you have the determination for change.


I do drink water!

Water is essential for our body to function effectively. Dehydration can cause back problems, toxin builds up, headaches to name a few. By consuming a steady amount during the day our body can effectively carry out its day to day tasks for its optimal health



  • Infuse the water with real fruits to add a little flavour

  • Drink in small amounts 8 glasses sound a lot but give a glass a try an hour.

  • Drink from a reusable bottle to save on wastage the revive bottle can help