5 Tools for Lifes Challenges

When the news broke that we were about to go into self-isolation I immediately wanted to publish that motivational, passionate post that highlighted all the positive benefits amidst a worldwide crisis.

There were times of helplessness, hopelessness and lots of tears.

But as much as I tried to keep my life with some normality I could not escape from the overwhelming feeling of life being turned upside down.

There were times of helplessness, hopelessness and lots of tears.

It became apparent that before I did anything, I needed to spend time with myself by being present.

What that meant for me was to just focus on the here and now by:

  1. Not fearing the unknown.

  2. Acknowledging and accepting what was happening

  3. Allowing my thoughts and emotions to have a release.

This was done by using tools of techniques that I had built and developed over time.

Prayer: Prayer is a conversation with God. Putting time aside throughout the day to pray about EVERYTHING that it is on your heart and asking for guidance, protection and healing.

Meditation: YouTube has plenty of meditation music to be still and reflect on. Meditation for me is grounding as it is an open floor for inner thoughts and feelings to take centre stage. Letting go of what is no longer serving you.

Journalling: Journalling allows you to have space for your emotions to process.

After all, they are just energy in motion. Aside from reflection, it can also be used to set intentions, affirmations and goals.

Gratitude: Worldwide things are bad but for you, as an individual, you have control over your happiness. This is a good time to reflect on the positives of the past, the present and the future.

Talking with others: Conversations with others can be encouraging and lighten the burden. Taking your mind off current events. There is sunshine after every storm.

If you are feeling low a good support network can help uplift you.

These are some tools that have helped me navigate through life's challenges.

They may be able of help to you.

Stay Safe


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