Life hits hard, but you hit back harder

The Pandemic is undoubtedly life-changing to the whole world.

It is hard not to be fearful and uncertain about the future.

Some have contracted the deadly illness and sadly passed away, others have lost their jobs, incomes, homes and lifestyles. With such awful events, how can we stay focused and positive?

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Helping others in this circumstance means staying away. It may not feel that way but realising that we are all playing a huge part in combating the pandemic.

By putting aside our own needs and desires in order to help others.

In short we are all heroes.

We are in this together.

It is probably the one time that anyone you speak too can empathise with the situation. If you feel that you do not have anyone to talk with there are online neighbourhood community groups and venture onto social media.

Fear of Missing out (FOMO)

With everyone reading from the same page. That unspoken pressure of seeing the world move around you and feeling like you are stagnant has temporarily gone.


A calming time to re-evaluate, reflect and plan your steps.

Your goals and aspirations may be a lot closer than you think.

Spending time with your Kids

Children will be Children and spending more time with them may feel overwhelming.

Not to mention the added costs of looking after them full time

A couple parents shared their experience with us


"The whole pressure of living life has changed"

“…it's been lovely! I can't believe how much we miss when they are at school.

Despite being tired we've been having so much fun!

There are definitely more positives than negatives like spending time getting to know them better, not rushing to get Bible study done before school, generally just not always rushing. We've not been snapping at each other as much because we're under pressure to get out of the house or be somewhere on time.

Having downtime with them as parents being able to play games, watch movies and just talk more.

The whole pressure of living life has changed. Allowing them to be more involved in decision making and what we do together as opposed to having to dictate to them what's happening”

"their bonds become stronger "


"The intimacy with the kids increased as their bonds become stronger and spending more time on their weaknesses in education."

What Matters

Chasing the latest and greatest seems a bit ludicrous to think of right now.

As our priorities are now focused on providing our basic needs.

Having our families and friends nearby through technology are things that money can’t buy or replace..

Rested & Restoration

Life in the western world can be so fast-paced that we barely had time to breathe.

Now there is a completely opposite lifestyle.

Someone described it as:

“apart from the virus, I think it is good, gives you time to do what you need to do without distractions”

You can now finally exhale. Catch up on sleep, give your body a rest and even tackle the ever-growing to-do list. The time is now!


For some restaurants and take-aways being closed is a nightmare come true.

If you regularly ate at fast food places your body could probably do with a break and now it has a chance to detox and restore.

You could freshen up your skills in the kitchen and explore tasty home-cooked foods. If you are looking for inspiration we have delicious plant-based options to try.

Don't forget to stay hydrated and flush out the toxins.

If you are in need of a little motivation our REVIVE BOTTLE can help

Remember you are going to be OK, We are all going to be OK.

Life hits hard, but you hit back harder





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