Hard times Right Tools

Just like the Lotus flower we too have our seasons of darkness, emergence, flourishing and endings before the cycle begins again.

Emotions can interfere with self-confidence and a trust in our abilities.

They commonly tend to have a stronger presence during tumultuous times.

It's important to develop tools of techniques, habits, action plans and support systems in the more uplifting seasons so that when darker times calls you can rummage through your internal toolkit for tools, to help uplift and carry you through while reinforcing the mentality that this season too shall pass.

The more the tools are nurtured and used throughout your seasons, your approach in those less favourable times will come from a place of experience and not vulnerability.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference

As you view life from a different lens through the understanding that things can and will fall apart and that perhaps Plan A isn't always what's best.

Everything is falling together perfectly, even though it looks as if some things are falling apart. Trust in the process you are now experiencing.

Because Let's face it as much as we try to make routines and plans life is constantly changing and evolving.

Sometimes you find yourself in a position where your cup is overflowing and other times your cup needs a refill....Do That...slam on the brakes and focus inwards.

Business as Usual. Closed for Repairs

In one of our own darker seasons, it seemed like all that could go wrong was.

To top it off our freezer defrosted what seemed like a ton of all our yummy smoothie bananas and berries.

Seemed like such a shame to waste and although exhausted from the week's events and a nice chill on the sofa was needed.

We embarked on a late afternoon experimental cooking session:

  • Cacao Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

  • Banana Flan Cake

  • Strawberry Chia Jam

  • Mixed Berry Waffles

Cacao Chip Peanut Butter Cookies Mixture:  Oats, Peanut Butter, Bananas  topped with Melted Omb Bar Choc, Pumpkin Seeds and Rose Petals Outcome: This was tasty but recommended as a breakfast option

Mixed Berry Waffles Mixture: Bananas, Oats, Berries Outcome: The mixture didn't hold well and we spent an eternity cleaning the waffle maker

Strawberry Chia Jam Mixture: Strawberries, Chia Seeds, Water, Coconut Sugar Outcome: It's good no seriously it's a good recipe here

Banana Flan Cake Mixture: Oats, Spelt Flour, Coconut Sugar and Banana Baked at medium heat with berries on top until brown topped with more berries and pumpkin seeds Outcome: This was absolutely loved alongside lashings of custard(not plant-based small steps for our crowd) those with diabetes and other health problems welcomed it as it was a more wholesome natural sugar option.

Verdict A few tweaks to improve the 'recipes' The only regret was not making a note of measurements. Can lightning strike twice?

Although unplanned from our past cooking experiences.

The result was better than expected and we were able to share with others who wouldn't usually opt for a plant-based option. Plus we were able to share our experiences with you and even have a recipe to try right now!

Stay Grounded x




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